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Gaming became a central focus in Seth Gastelum’s young life due to oft-absent parents and horrible siblings. Instead of watching their kids or trying to raise them in any kind of decent capacity, Seth’s parents opted to replace love and care with video game consoles. As a result, Seth came to seek the attention and approval his developing brain craved from the household Intellivision and NES instead of those who should be caring for him. The one upside to this is that he came to love all video games equally and never fell to the company allegiances that plague so many. The downsides, however, are numerous.

Seth’s passion for game collecting came about soon after graduating high school, when he found himself with income but very little in the way of bills. Instead of saving or investing his money, he decided to buy a lot of video games. This seemed to make him happy, albeit a fleeting and artificial happiness, but he found that if he kept the incoming flow of games constant, he couldn’t tell the difference. Today, Seth owns over 600 video games across 30 consoles, the vast majority of which are complete with box and manual. Every time Seth feels down, he likes to glance at his boxed copy of EarthBound to remind himself that the only person he has to blame for his situation is himself.

These days, Seth hates his job and yearns for more from his existence. Seth enjoys commenting on the absurdity of life in general, hanging out with a close group of friends, drawing, and not finishing anything he starts. Seth would also like to apologize to his mother in case she reads any of this.

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