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Chris Dunn is an avid gamer. Ever since he got his first NES for Christmas 1990, he’s owned every new Nintendo console through the Wii, and more recently, each of the competition’s consoles as well. He never owned a Sega Dreamcast though; a regret he looks to rectify soon. His favorite game of all time is the SNES classic Super Metroid, despite first playing it a decade after its 1994 release.

His favorite game series is the Legend of Zelda, of which he has amassed a huge collection ranging from boxed copies of all of the games to a board game and a life-size Master Sword. Unfortunately, the bedsheets that were once an integral part of the collection have been lost to the sands of time. You might call this an obsession, due to the fact that he owns on average three copies of each game, and he would likely agree with you, but that doesn’t mean he’ll stop.

His greatest achievement is completing The Legend of Zelda for the NES without ever picking up the sword. Unfortunately, he has yet to accomplish this feat in the second quest.

When not playing games, Chris enjoys watching movies and television, and reading comics, as well as drawing in his sketchbook and with a tablet on his computer. Most of all, though, he enjoys avoiding getting his hair cut for far longer than he should. He hopes to one day put his illustrating ability to use in a career, but for now, he just does it for his own enjoyment.

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