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Thank you for visiting TV and Lust. This is our privacy policy regarding usage of your personal information while on the site. This applies to this site only. Please review the privacy policies of any other site that may link away. Continued use of the site is an acceptance of this privacy policy.

Collection of Information
TV and Lust is powered by WordPress, and requires a display name and an email address to post comments on our articles. Commenter email and IP address are visible on the backend. Unless otherwise stated (ie, contests), acknowledged by the user, or required by law, this information will not be used by TV and Lust or sold, traded or given to a third party. Visitor operating system and browser details are collected anonymously for statistics.

TV and Lust is powered by WordPress, which uses cookie technology for registered users and commenters. For TV and Lust commenters, this is designed to be a convenience so that logging in upon each visit is not necessary. Two cookies are used to identify the commenter’s name and email, and a third cookie for a site URL if it is provided. These cookies expire after roughly one year. For more information, please click here.

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