Alternate Batman and Robin Costumes in Arkham City

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With the October release of Batman: Arkham City quickly approaching, various sites all over the net have begun posting pre-order bonuses; most notably, various alternate costumes. Although it was previously known that Best Buy would offer a pack called “Robin’s Challenge Maps”, along with the exclusive chance to play as Robin (only in the challenge maps, not in the main game), the pack will also include two alternate costumes for Robin. In addition to Rocksteady’s redesigned hooded Robin, there will be a Red Robin costume, modeled after Tim Drake’s new costumed identity, and an animated Robin, based on Dick Grayson in Batman: The Animated Series.

For Batman, six costumes have been revealed so far. From left to right, you can see the futuristic Batman Beyond costume; an older, beefier Batman from Frank Miller’s classic story The Dark Knight Returns; an alternate reality costume from Batman: Earth One, an upcoming graphic novel; the classic grey and blue 1970s costume; and the one from Batman: The Animated Series, which matches nicely with the animated Robin. The last is of course, the regular costume for comparison.

Below you can also see the Year One version of Batman, from another classic Frank Miller tale.

So far, most of the costumes are exclusive to a single retailer, and most of them only in one country (MightyApe in New Zealand is offering three of the costumes). More may be announced in the future, but if you end up missing out on one of them, Warner Bros. Interactive plans to make all of them available as DLC in the future. See the breakdown of where you can preorder below:

Batman BeyondGameStop UK, MightyApe (New Zealand)

The Dark Knight ReturnsArkham City Collector’s Edition (any retailer)

Earth OneMightyApe (New Zealand)

ClassicShopTo (UK)

Batman: The Animated SeriesMightyApe (New Zealand)

Year OneFNAC (France)

Robin’s Challenge MapsBest Buy (US)

Exclusive Arkham City Comic (US)

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